KOMRAD is an interactive fiction game inspired by fundamental principles of AI. Created by Brad Becker, the former Chief Design Officer of IBM Watson. Our team at Momentus was given the task to improve the overall game play and the UI/UX of both the iOS and the Apple Watch app. To read more about the Komrad app visual updates, please go here. For this specific post, we are going to focus on the Apple Watch app.

Pain points on the Apple Watch

Improving the overall Komrad Apple Watch game play experience was no easy task. We needed to design for quick interactions that make the most of the display and its position on the user’s wrist. In addition, we need to surface information quickly that is easy to access and dismiss by the user.

Pain points on the Apple Watch that we addressed

•  Inability for a user to to know where the are in the game
Not knowing where they should pause and return to the game


New Interfaces, Chapter cards and Ascii art!

With the challenges and limitation that the Apple Watch possess, Momentus was able to proposed new designs for the whole Apple Watch experience. New launch interactions, new in game visuals and chapter cards was proposed to improve the overall game play and the experience of the game on the Apple Watch. These proposed design changes were well received by the stake holders at Sentient Play and will be implemented in V1.5 of the Komrad app in the near future!